How are physical health and mental health correlated? - Dr. Shajeer

POSTED ON: 03 Nov 2023

Being physically well plays a crucial role in everyone’s life, but most of the time we neglect the fact. Being physically well can provide you a healthier body, hence quality life. Managing your weight according to your BMI is mandatory. Regular exercises like yoga, walking, swimming or other kinds of sport which you can enjoy will improve your body shape and help in managing your weight. Regular physical activities will regulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system, which aids in the reduction of risks like Diabetes, Obesity, and Heart Diseases. You should also consume a balanced diet and stay away from sweet and oily foods, which are the main reasons of Heart Diseases, Diabetes and even Cancer. By maintaining regular exercises and a balanced diet you can achieve a better sleep, which is one of the crucial steps in physical well-being. Better sleep helps to maintain the mood, immune function and also cognitive functions. Remember to regulate your diet, exercise and sleep so that your energy will eventually increase and you will feel less tired even after a long day.

Another important factor to be taken care of is our mental health. Mental health is the sum of physiological, emotional and social well-being. It defines how a person behaves, feels and thinks. Coping with stress varies from person to person. Managing stress and emotions properly is also a healthy sign which promotes less complicated relationships hence more relaxed life. It also helps in maintaining positive relationships. Mental health is often influenced by various factors including environmental, biological, and socio-cultural factors. Good mental health promotes productivity, helps in managing stress and even aids a healthier physical well-being. Improving our mental health includes self-care, regular relaxing activities, maintaining positive social connections, and also fostering a positive outlook on life. By addressing every issue and challenges in a positive way will help to promote overall well-being.

Mental health and physical health are closely connected. Maintaining mental and physical health is mandatory in order to have a healthy life. Our mental health has a direct effect on physical health. Good mental health will reduce the risk of certain illnesses and improve overall well-being. Similarly, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to better mental health by enhancing cognitive function, improving mood, and reducing stress. Brain and body are connected through various biological systems like the nervous system, endocrine, and immune systems. For example, stress can trigger the release of hormones like cortisol, which can affect both mental health and physical health. Opting for a healthy lifestyle, including sleep, stress management and balanced nutrition, promotes overall well-being. So we must keep in mind that unhealthy habits like alcohol consumption or smoking can affect both mental and physical health. Choose your choice wisely, choose a better lifestyle for a better life.